New developments for existing Bellevue restaurants

Some big changes are apparently on the horizon for the Waffle House located at exit 196 in Bellevue.  On February 3rd, a permit was issued to construct a 1635 sq ft Waffle House on the existing site located at 7676 Highway 70S. On February 11th, a permit was issued to demolish the existing structure.  Both permits were originally submitted in early 2015, but plans never moved forward.  It appears for now, that the demolition and new construction will be moving forward soon.

Employees at the restaurant stated that it was something that had been discussed for a while now, but no specifics have been given to them as far as a timeline on the construction at this point.

This week a permit was also issued for the McDonald’s on Hwy. 100 to construct a redesign of the existing double drive-thru line.