A Photo Tour of Red Caboose Park

If you have driven by Red Caboose Park in the last few days, you will have definitely noticed that word is out that the park is finally open again. The heat didn’t keep people away over the weekend, and this past Monday was no exception. The park was packed with families coming out to enjoy Bellevue’s newest attraction. Gower PTO even hosted a first grade “play date” on Monday and will continue for each grade over the next few days.

In 1978, the land hosted the very first Bellevue Picnic, but didn’t officially become Red Caboose Park until 1996.  The community joined together to celebrate Bellevue’s 200th birthday. The brick “caboose’ time capsule, along with the former wooden playground were built.

The new playground gives a tip of the hat the the former playground with the somewhat “castle theme”. For the kids that grew up on the former, nothing can replace their “old school” memories. That being said, we heard from some 11 year old’s that played on both…and “the new playground is crazy better!”

Entrance to the park with the freshly restored sign that served as the entrance since 1996.
There’s a lot of cool climbing options inside. This playground is very well designed!
A growth chart to document years of enjoyment.
The playground also features a sign language learning station.
The entrance to the park featuring bricks for the 1996 (darker) and 2019 (lighter) sale.
The time capsule caboose and the actual caboose.
A view of the park with the caboose with its new home up front and center
New Metro Parks signage
Workers painting the picnic tables
The picnic tables have been given somewhat of a Jackson Pollock treatment.
The performance stage now features a Bellevue “city scape”. Will be a nice upgrade when the music in the park returns.

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